【超测资讯】 9.20.1 版更新中的车辆重新平衡

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坦克世界【超测资讯】 9.20.1 版更新中的车辆重新平衡 | Vehicle Rebalances in Update 9.20.1

Vehicle Rebalances in Update 9.20.1

9.20.1 版更新中的车辆重新平衡

With the numerous rebalances fresh off to live s.e.r.v.e.rs in Update 9.20, we’re just about done locking down another batch of changes scheduled for 9.20.1. This time, we’re examining the British Tech Tree, American light tanks, and the famed Chinese Type 59. Before we dive into today’s suite of to-be-tuned tanks, here’s a quick refresher as to why this is happening. The all-round Tech Tree revision is designed to revitalise vehicles that grew obsolete over the years. While doing so, we’re also establishing and/or strengthening the unique gameplay flavor of vehicles classes within each nation. Now, let’s dig into the details!

随着 9.20 更新大量释出重新平衡后的车辆到服.务.器,我们锁定了另一批预定要在 9.20.1 进行变更的车辆。这一次,我们研究的是英国科技树、美国轻型坦克、以及著名的中国 Type 59。在我们深入今天一系列准备调整的坦克之前,在这里快速回顾一下这样做的原因。全方位的科技树修订是为了提振已过时多年的车辆。在这样做的同时,我们还确立和/或加强各国车种的独特游戏风格。现在,让我们深入了解一下细节!

NOTE: While we want to keep you abreast of upcoming rebalances and share as much info as possible, as early as possible, there’s always a chance that things could change between this article and what finally rolls out in Update 9.20.1, given that there’s a great deal of testing underway.

注意:尽管我们想让您更即时了解即将到来的重新平衡并尽早分享越多的资讯,但考虑到还有许许多多的测试正在进行中,所以任何东西在这篇文章和最终推出的 9.20.1 更新之间随时都有改变的可能。

NOTE: Your feedback during Common Tests brought about a host of additional tweaks to British medium tanks and tank destroyers.

Instead of giving the FV4202(P) a slight boost in performance, the combination of stronger frontal turret armor and a more powerful engine sent it into OP mode. Increased turret thickness up front gave it an upper hand over same-tier opponents. To set things back to normal, we toned down the initial changes: it still gets a little extra to its frontal turret armor, but significantly less than initially.

Easier gun handling worked well for the FV4004 Conway and FV4005 Stage II, boosting their efficiency as support fire vehicles. What didn’t work as intended was their revised mobility. We went too far here, which, combined with decent firepower, turned the two TDs into hard-to-hunt-down damage dealers. They would pop up, derp someone in the face, and relocate too fast for the opponent to return the favour. We made an extra round of adjustments to their mobility to balance out their parameters. Now, the FV4004 can reach 40 km/h going forwards (compared to the 35 km/h it had before), while the FV4005 Stage II speed stays at 35 km/h (the same as in 9.20).


原本只是要略微提升 FV4202(P) 的性能,但更坚固的炮塔正面装甲、加上更强大的引擎却让它变得过强。炮塔正面厚度的提高,使它占尽同阶对手的上风。为了要让事情回复到正轨,我们略为调低了最初的变更:其炮塔正面仍有得到一些额外的装甲,但明显比一开始要来得少。

更简单的射控让 FV4004 Conway 和 FV4005 Stage II 的表现不俗,提高了它们作为火力支援车辆的效率。不如预期的是它们在修订之后的机动力。我们在这部分给得太多,因此再加上不错的火力,就会使这两辆自行反坦克炮变成难以追击的伤害利器。它们会突然间出现,赏给某人一击,再用快到连对手都来不及还击的速度重新就位。我们对它们的移动力进行了额外的调整以平衡其参数。现在,FV4004 前进时可达到 40 公里/时 (相较于之前为 35 公里/时),而 FV4005 Stage II 的速度则维持在 35 公里/时 (同 9.20)。

British Tech Tree




British heavy tanks from Tier VIII onward are adequately balanced, but they feel like a weird collection of vehicles that just don’t belong together. We've reshaped them into a coherent line built around the Conqueror’s gameplay. In short: you get universal heavies with powerful guns, reliable turret and hull armour, and a large margin of safety all the way up from the Caernarvon. Let’s take a closer look.

The Caernarvon raised many questions with its combination of heavy tank HP pool and mobility combined with medium tank armour, low alpha damage, and an accurate gun. We gave it a new gun with reasonable alpha and thicker armour to turn it into a proper heavy at the cost of its two 20-pounders. To put it into perspective: there’s no need to hang back behind more heavily armoured teammates supporting them. You’re a true heavy now, so act like one: push the frontlines and engage enemies at close range. This Tier VIII Brit also had its top turret replaced with the better-armoured Centurion 32-pdr and received some extra side protection to its hull. To compensate for improved survivability and firepower, we slightly decreased its mobility and manoeuvrability.

The Conqueror really doesn’t feel much like a heavy because of its armour. Update 9.20.1 turns it into an effective heavy tank, boosting its overall protection big-time so that it can lead the charge. It can take a punch and stand up to top-tier TDs without getting crippled in a matter of seconds, while a powerful gun with impressive penetration and alpha damage to match lets it spearhead the assault. It also benefits from a new top turret with spaced armour in its front section. Its current top option has been made a stock turret. On top of that, we've significantly changed the Conqueror’s gun roster, removing two-20 pounders and giving it a stock 32-pounder gun. To prevent it from turning into unstoppable force that rains destruction at long range, we toned down its mobility and rate of fire. Regardless of the boost to its hull and turret armour, it retains a thin lower plate and commander’s cupola.

The paper sniper FV215b with its rear-mounted turret isn’t everyone's cup of tea. It can shine in the hands of few, but feels lacklustre unless you’ve mastered its ins and outs. Most importantly, it’s a big departure in playstyle from the well-armoured multipurpose heavy tank mentality we designed for this line. That’s why it follows in the footsteps of the АМХ Foch (155), joining the ranks of special vehicles, while the all-new Super Conqueror takes the Tier X spot.

And just like with the Tier X French TD, having a researched and purchased FV215b in your Garage when 9.20.1 goes live will grant you the Super Conqueror. The newcomer is a natural step-up from the Conqueror. Heavily armoured, equipped with a powerful gun, and good at several roles, it deserves an overview of its own, which it will get closer to release. Stay tuned!

英国“8级”以后的重坦克群被适当地平衡,但它们有种像是不属于一伙的怪异感。我们以 Conqueror 的玩法为基础把它们重新塑造成一致的路线。简而言之:您会得到有着强大的火炮、可靠的炮塔及车身装甲的通用重坦克,并从 Caernarvon 起一路都有着大幅度的安全性。让我们靠近点仔细瞧瞧:

Caernarvon 因为重型坦克的血量和移动力结合中型坦克的装甲、低 Alpha 伤害、及一门精确火炮的组合衍生出许多问题。我们给了它有适当 Alpha 伤害的新炮管及更厚的装甲,并以两门 20 磅炮作为代价来把它彻底转变成重坦克。从各方面的观察来看:没有必要再躲在装甲更厚重的队友后面来支援它们。您已经是一辆真正的重坦克,所以举止就要像重坦克一样:推向前线和在近距离下与敌人交战。“8级”的英国车也以装甲更好的 Centurion 32-pdr 取代了顶炮塔,而车身也得到了更多一些的侧面防护。为了补偿生存能力和火力的提高,我们略微降低了它的移动力及机动力。

因为装甲的关系,Conqueror 感觉起来真的不像重坦克。 9.20.1 更新把它转变成高效率的重型突击坦克,大规模提升了它整体的防护力。它可以承受住痛击及顶阶自行反坦克炮的攻击而不会在几秒钟内就报废,带有惊人穿深及 Alpha 伤害的强大火炮使它能带头突袭。它也得益于在正面部分具有间隙装甲的新式炮塔,而目前的选择将成为原厂炮塔。除此之外,我们大幅改变了 Conqueror 的炮管名册,移除了两门 20 磅炮并给了它一门原厂 32 磅炮。为了避免它在远距离的破坏力变得无人能挡,我们降低了它的移动力和射击速率。不管其车身和炮塔装甲如何提升,它还是留有薄弱的首下装甲板和车长塔。

纸糊的狙击手 FV215b 及其后置炮塔并非为所有人喜爱。它在一些人的手中能绽放光芒,但除非您已经熟悉了它的里里外外,否则玩起来还是平淡无奇。更重要的是,我们会设计这条线,是为了要大幅度脱离掉装甲完善、多用途重型坦克心态的玩法。这就是为什么它将跟着 AMX Foch (155) 的脚步、加入特殊车辆的行列,而全新的 Super Conqueror 将站上 “10级”的位置。因此就像 “10级”法国自行反坦克炮一样,如果车库中已有研发并购买的 FV215b,在 9.20.1 上线时就会给予您 Super Conqueror。新车是一辆加强自 Conqueror 的自然产物。更厚重的装甲、搭载强大的坦克炮、并善于多种角色,在它接近释出的时候应该会有个专属的概述。所以敬请期待。



British medium tanks seem cut out for mid-range support. They pack a great mix of powerful guns, decent gun depression, view range, and stabilisation. Hide behind a hill, f.i.n.d an unsuspecting target, and pincushion them with shells. Sounds like a snap... but is it? Not really, because they lack the turret armor to thrive in this role. Their armour is fairly thin, and often leaves you with a destroyed turret after a few accurate hits from the enemy, leaving you wondering what went wrong in that seemingly perfect plan.

To cement their role as mid-range beasts, we've given these Brits more frontal turret armour. Effective armour at Tiers VIII–X is now 240mm or higher so that they can exercise their support role, working ridges at the 2nd line without fear and frustrating any would-be attackers by bouncing their shots.

Frequent negative comments on the FV 4202 pushed us to show it a little love, too. It now has stronger frontal turret armor. To address the issue of its mobility, 9.20.1 also gives this vulture a much needed 650 h.p. engine, which should allow it to reach its maximum speed quicker, keep up with medium tanks, and provide that punch it’s notorious for.


为了巩固他们作为中距离巨兽的角色,我们给了这些英国车更多的炮塔正面装甲。 VIII–“10级”的等效装甲现在为 240 毫米或以上,所以它们可以履行其支援的角色,毫无畏惧地在二线山脊活动并透过弹开敌人的炮弹来让他们“头痛”。

频繁针对 FV 4202 的负面评论也促使我们表示出一点爱心。它的炮塔正面装甲变得更坚硬。为了减轻对它移动力的挑剔,9.20.1 也给了这只兀鹫必要的650 匹马力引擎,这应该会让它更快达到最高速度、跟上中型坦克群、并让它恶名昭彰的痛击更加深入。



The FV4005 Stage II and its brethren down the line are seldom seen on the battlefield. Difficult to master and in no way, shape or form 'mainstream', these TDs trade armour for mobility and call for a steady (if not overly cautious) play style with little room for mistakes and daring moves. No wonder they often get overlooked. To bring the line back into relevance, we worked on the Challenger, Conway, and FV4005 Stage II, increasing their firepower and longevity, which should provide for a much more accessible experience. These changes are the result of player feedback (thank you!) and combing through game data.

Often played as a medium tank, the Challenger now has the guts to reclaim its place among conventional TDs and make damage-dealing its primary focus. This Tier VII Brit can do some serious harm to the opposition thanks to a new gun with 280 alpha damage. Keep in mind, though, that impressive alpha comes with 120° gun traverse angles.Forget about rolling erratically across the map. Secure a favourable position instead and start crippling enemies, taking advantage of increased firepower and turret traverse speed.

The FV4004 Conway gets the B.L. 5.5-in. AT Gun capable of dishing out 600 alpha damage as an alternate gun. That gives the vehicle more gameplay variety. You can build your tactics around DPM with the 120-mm L1A1 AT or get ready for the FV4005 Stage II style of gameplay, dealing massive alpha damage with the B.L. 5.5-in. AT Gun. Of course, simply adding a new gun won’t suffice to revive the FV4004 Conway, so we also increased its mobility and gun depression. Gun depression is now set at -10°, boosting its potential on uneven terrain, with its main downside being the gun traverse limit of 180°. Now, there’s no need to turn the hull when aiming at the enemy’s front plate (which often resulted in being spotted). You no longer need to take full aim after shooting either, as the turret rotation dispersion is way lower than the dispersion applied for hull rotation. Lastly, the turret traverse speed was increased to 18°/s, which allows you to take your chances at crippling an enemy.

With few strengths to wrest victory in challenging conditions, the FV4005 Stage II didn’t do anything good enough to give it a valuable roll at its tier. With 9.20.1 we patched its fatal weaknesses with several tweaks. Following a boost in mobility, it can retreat to safety and set up in favourable positions faster. Along with increased durability, the FV4005 Stage II gets easier gun handling thanks to a faster turret traverse speed, 180° gun traverse, and lowered dispersion from turret rotation. Finally, a gun depression of -10° lets it poke ridgelines without exposing its frail hull and turret, while the increased ammo load of 20 shells ramps up its chances at seriously damaging a target. Simply put, it now has what it takes to last through a battle and help its teammates gain the upper hand.

If you wonder why we rushed past Tier VIII to cover changes to the Conway, just imagine the Charioteer with its 105mm top gun. It can do virtually anything you ask of it, once you know how to handle it. The only tweak its gets is improved gun depression, now set at -10°.

战场上很少会见到 FV4005 Stage II 及该线的兄弟。难以掌握而没办法成为或形成“主流”,这些自行反坦克炮牺牲了装甲来换取移动力,而且在没什么容错空间以及能放胆移动的余裕下需要表现出更沉着(不然就是过度谨慎) 的游戏风格。无怪乎它们常常被忽略。为了回复该线的适宜性,我们对 Challenger、Conway、和 FV4005 Stage II 做了一些工作,提高它们的火力及寿命,这应该能提.供更轻松使用的体验。这些改变是由玩家的意见 (谢谢各位!) 并结合了游戏资料所致。

常常当作中型坦克来玩,Challenger 现在有恢复其常规自行反坦克炮地位的本质并把主要焦点放在造成的伤害上。多亏了带有 280 Alpha 伤害的新炮管,这辆“7级”英国车能对对手造成一些严重的伤害。不过要记住,这个令人印象深刻的 Alpha 伤害附带着 120° 的炮管回转角度。别管地图上不规律的地形起伏了。而是要利用提高后的火力及炮塔回转速度,确保有利的位置并开始给予敌人重重地打击。

FV4004 Conway 得到了能够造成 600 Alpha 伤害的 B.L. 5.5-in. AT Gun 作为替代炮管。因此随之而来更多种的玩法。您可以用 120-mm L1A1 AT 的每分钟伤害来制定战术或是用 B.L. 5.5-in. AT Gun 来准备以 FV4005 Stage II 的玩法造成巨大的 Alpha 伤害。要复活 FV4004 Conway 只增加一门新炮管是不够的,所以我们也提高了它的移动力及炮俯角。后者现为 -10°,提升了它在崎岖地形上的潜力,然而其主要缺点是炮管的回转极限为 180°。所以在瞄准敌人正面装甲板时不需要转动车身 (这通常会导致于被发现)。射击后您不需要再整个重新缩圈瞄准,因为炮塔转动扩散度会比车身转动扩散度来得更低。最后,炮塔回转速度提高为 18°,这让您有机会一边给予敌人重重地打击、一边保持不受伤害。

能在艰困的条件下用来争夺胜利的优点很少,FV4005 Stage II 对该阶而言没有完全擅长之处好让它有开出来的价值。随着 9.20.1 更新我们进行了几次调整来修补它的致命弱点。因为移动力的提升,它可以更快撤退到安全的地方及取得有利的位置。除了耐久性提高以外,FV4005 Stage II 能更轻松操控炮管都是多亏了更快的炮塔回转速度、180° 的炮管回转角度、以及炮塔转动后的扩散度更低。最后,-10° 的炮俯角让它能伸出陵线而不会露出其脆弱的车身和炮塔,同时提高后的 20 发携弹量使它的重伤目标机率拉高。简单地说,它拥有能奋战到最后及帮助队友取得上风所需的能耐。

如果您想知道为什么我们会跳过前面的“8级”直接对 Conway 进行变更,只需想像一下 Charioteer 跟它的 105 毫米顶炮。一旦您了解如何操控它,它就能够在预设情况下满足您所要求的一切。它得到的唯一调整就是炮俯角,现在设置为 -10°。

Tier X Light Tanks


With the view range and mobility to potentially outspot an enemy and camo values to remain hidden, Tier X light tanks excel at scouting, but are bereft of firepower to play at the same level as top-tier vehicles of other classes. Update 9.20.1 fixes it with a set of tweaks to gun handling, DPM, and alpha damage.

Insufficient firepower made it hard for the XM551 Sheridan to make an impact on maps where spotting is of little value. The top-tier American gets higher alpha damage for the105mm Lightweight Gun with no changes to reload speed. Simply put, it can deal even more damage per minute now, which should ramp up its chances of doing well against MTs.

The Rhm. Panzerwagen receives better gun stabilisation and aiming time. As it takes less time to prepare for a shot, the odds of being spotted decrease too, boosting the German’s survivability. We also ramped up its rate of fire to stress the Rhm.’s role as a fast-firing, manoeuvrable sniper that thrives off DPM rather than trading alpha damage with the other side. Alpha damage went down to cement this role.

Small, sneaky and insanely fast, the T-100 LT is at its best when played as an active scout. However, it was nothing but another “you don't scare me” light tank in terms of firepower. We’re punching up its DPM to turn it into an active scout that can give as good as it gets.

If you look at French light tanks, scouting is no loss important to the AMX 13 105 than damage dealing. We raised its alpha to stress this attribute and single out its firepower among the five Tier X LTs.

Finally, all five Tier X LTs (the Chinese WZ-132-1 included) get a bigger ammo load to ensure they can hammer enemies until the end of the battle.

具有可找出敌人的可视范围和移动力、能够抵御威胁目标的装甲、以及保持匿踪的隐蔽值,“10级”轻型坦克善于进行侦察,但却失去了如同其它顶阶车种水准的火力。 9.20.1 更新针对炮管的操控性、每分钟伤害、以及 Alpha 伤害进行了一整套的修正。

火力的不足使得 XM551 Sheridan 很难对侦察重要性不高的地图产生影响。顶阶美国车在 105-mm Lightweight Gun 装填速度不变下有着更大 Alpha 伤害。简单来说,它现在每分钟可以造成更多的伤害,应该会拉高它对付中型坦克的机会。

Rhm. Panzerwagen 得到了更好的炮管稳定性和瞄准时间。由于射击的准备时间减少,所以被发现的机率也跟着下降,进而提升了德国车的生存能力。我们也提升了它的射击速率来凸显 Rhm. 作为快速射击、具机动性的狙击手角色,要拉高每分钟伤害而不是跟对方互相交.换 Alpha 伤害。

小巧、隐蔽佳且超快,T-100 LT 是进行主动侦察时最好的选择。然而,在火力方面它只是另一辆“你才吓不倒我”的轻型坦克而已。我们已大幅提升它的每分钟伤害来把它转变成一辆尽善尽美的主动侦察车。

假设您考虑法国轻型坦克,侦察对于 AMX 13 105 来说重要性不亚于造成伤害。我们提高了它的 Alpha 伤害来强调这个属性并从五辆 “10级”轻型坦克之中单独挑出它的火力。

最后,所有五辆 “10级”轻型坦克 (包含中国 WZ-132-1) 都会获得更大的携弹量,以确保它们可以痛击敌人到战斗结束为止。

American Light Tanks


Similar to the line of British heavies, the American LT branch gets reshuffled so that it unites vehicles that share key gameplay attributes. The line ending in the XM551 Sheridan now fits five LTs with guns that reload the traditional way. The T71 has been renamed “T71 DA” and has been relocated to the mixed line of light, medium, and heavy tanks and frees a spot for a newcomer, the T71 CMCD. Modelled after the T71, it loses a magazine-reloading gun but gets a few tweaks to its combat parameters to deliver a unique experience. The M41 Walker Bulldog stays, but bids farewell to its autoloader gun (76-mm Gun T91E5) that doesn’t fit the concept. Lastly, we also changed several connections between the two lines:

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the XP you earned on the T71 DA gets transferred to the T71 CMCD with the release of 9.20.1. Also, there’ll be no transition from the T71 CMCD to the T69 in the Tech Tree, just as there’ll be no way to reach the M41 Bulldog from the T71 DA.

类似于英国线的重坦克,美国轻型坦克分支将被重新洗牌,如此才能整合车辆来分享关键的玩法特质。该线结尾的 XM551 Sheridan 现在会与五辆具有传统装填火炮的轻型坦克相称。 T71 将被重新命名为“T71 DA”然后把本身移动到有轻型、中型、以及重型坦克的混合线并为新车空出了一个位置,T71 CMCD。会按照 T71 的模型来制.作,它少掉了自动炮,但也对它的战斗参数进行了一些调整以给予独一无二的体验。 M41 Walker Bulldog 将会保留,但是不再有不符合其概念的自动炮 (76-mm Gun T91E5)。最后,我们也改变了两线之间的几条连结:

注意:请留意您在 T71 DA 上获得的经验会随着 9.20.1 释出而被转移到 T71 CMCD 上。此外,无法从 T71 CMCD 转到科技树中的 T69,就像没法从 T71 DA 到达 M41 Bulldog 一样。

Re-enter the Type 59

Type 59 的重返

You’ve most definitely heard of it and maybe even seen it action, and a lucky few have this exceptional tank as the centerpiece of their collection. It’s in for a shot of adrenaline in 9.20.1, and you won’t want to miss it.

The Type 59 has been around for ages and hasn’t lost even a bit of its unique flair. With the armour to bully tanks with less than 200mm penetration, manoeuvrability to secure a spot it wants, and firepower to rain destruction upon its foes at any range, this Tier VIII medium tank can still turn heads when taken for a stroll on the battlefield. As potent as it is, it’s also rather demanding to play, and in 9.20.1 we’re answering your requests to ramp up its efficiency a little. At the end of the day, it’s a game; it should be all about enjoying yourself. To boost the fun factor, we improved its stabilisation and cut down its aiming time. Shooting on the move and right after it stops takes far less time now.

Along with the Type 59, we also revised the 59-Patton, increasing its AP penetration from 190mm to 212mm. Will it prove a game-changer for this Tier VIII? The jury is out on this one; it all depends on how well you use it.

Finally, we've also revised the T-34-3's armour, bringing it on par with the Type 59. We've also tweaked its gun handling to make it easier to take a good aim.

您肯定有听过它,多数人一定在行动中看过它,而少数幸运的人则拥有这辆特殊坦克作为他们收藏的核心(但是国服不存在的)。它在 9.20.1 中就是一剂肾上腺素,因此您不会想要错过它的。

Type 59 已经存在多年且丝毫没有失去它的独特本事。在低于 200 毫米穿透力下用装甲来欺负坦克、用机动力来确保它想要的位置、以及用其火力来给予破坏(无论是在远距离或近距离),这辆8级中型坦克在战场上溜达时依旧可以吸引人注意。就像它的能力一般,玩起来也相当地吃力,因此我们在 9.20.1 中回应您的请求来把它的效率提升一些。最后,这是个游戏;它应该要让您自己感到愉快。为了提升趣味性,我们改善了它的稳定性并降低了它的瞄准时间。现在,在移动中和停止后马上射击所花的时间远比现在更少。

除了 Type 59 之外,我们也修订了 59-Patton,将其 AP 的穿透力从 190 毫米提高为 212 毫米。这辆“8级”车是否会证明它能改变游戏规则?这辆车还未出现定论;全都要看您能用得多好。